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    Art paper/glossy paper/coated art paper/copper paper/copper printing paper
    - Oct 26, 2017 -

    Art paper also called coated paper, copper paper. The size have 787*1092mm, 889*1194mm. 80~157gsm usually use for inner page, 200~400gsm usually use for cover.

    Art paper including coated one side (C1S paper) and coated two side (C2S paper).The main raw material of the paper is cooper sheet and paint. The requirement for cooper sheet is uniform thickness, small scale, high strength and good resistance of water.The characteristics of the art paper is that the paper very smooth, high smoothness and glossy. The paint up to 90% white and the particle is extremely fine, so the smoothness of art paper usually 600-1000s.


    Art paper mainly use for high quality book, full color picture and all kinds of elegant advertisement, booklet, magazine, catalogue etc priting, so also called copper printing paper.