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    Printing printer, pantone color, CMYK color general knowledge
    - Nov 28, 2017 -

    1. The domestic printing industry mainstream printing equipment:

    To four-color machine, for example: Heidelberg (octavo origin: Germany), KBA (

    Ochiai (origin: Germany), Komori (origin: Japan), Liang Ming (Sihetai origin: Japan), Man Roland (origin: Germany),among European and American printing press manufacturers with its cutting-edge product technology, a comprehensive printing solutions and quality services to become the world leader in printing presses and related equipment.


    2. What is the four-color printing?

    Four-color printing process generally refers to the use of yellow, magenta, green three-color inks and black ink to copy the color manuscripts of various colors of the printing process.


    3. What is pantone color printing?

    Pantone color printing refers to the use of yellow, magenta, blue. Black ink other than the four-color ink to copy the original color printing process. Packaging and printing often use pantone color printing process printing large area background.


    4. What products must use four-color printing process?

    Pictures taken in color photography that reflect the rich and colorful nature of nature, the artist's colored artwork, or other pictures of many different colors must be electronically expended for technical or economic reasons Or color desktop scanning system color separation, and then use four-color printing process to copy completed.