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    Status and Prospect of Printing Industry
    - Aug 08, 2017 -

    1) Printing industry status issues:

    A. The global economy is falling

    B. Information dissemination means not only rely on paper information, electronic reading and other popular trends

    C. business competition, customer demand to reduce prices, shorten the duration

    D. Order small batch


    2) Printing industry policy objectives:

    At present, the world's printing industry, energy saving, energy saving, emission reduction, green, security requirements are increasing. Green printing has become the mainstream of the global printing industry, the development of green printing has become the main direction of China's printing industry development.


    3) Industry Trends - Printing Industry:

    A. Printing network

    B. environmental protection printing technology as the leading direction

    C. Monitor costs and the environment with data

    D. original color printing a new era

    E. Color management system can save ink

    F. Wide color gamut printing will be widely used