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    What is the process?
    - Dec 19, 2016 -

    Printing color is by different of c, and m, and y and k of percentage composition of color, so called mixed color more reasonable, c, and m, and y, and k is usually used of printing four primary colors, in printing primary colors Shi, this four species color are has himself of color version, in color version Shang records has this color of dot, these dot is by half tones network screen generated of, put four species color version collection to with on formed has by defined of primary colors, adjustment color version Shang dot of size and spacing on can formed other of primary colors.

    In fact, on the paper's four printing colors are separated, just very close, limited due to the eye's ability to distinguish, so I can't come out, we get the visual impression is a variety of color mixing, so we got all kinds of different colors.