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    A Excellent Customer From The United States
    - Apr 06, 2017 -

    A excellent customer from the United States

    Johnny, a handsome man from USA. We know him from last July.

    At first, he was same as many clients, find us from Alibaba. Send us inquiry and we quoted price to him. After he finishing the artwork, we start printing one sample book for him.

    He wanted print hardcover book. After checking our sample, he was very satisfied with our quality, then placed order. He only printed 500 books at start, but we start our business relationship, both of us are happy.

    After receiving 500 books, he gave feedback to us, he sold out all books within one week. (good quality can be test!)

    One month later, he gave us another order, it is pocket notebook this time. Today I am arrange shipping to him.

    Besides, he said will place the third order soon.

    He said why choose our company is that we provide good quality & service.

    I have to say Johnny is a excellent client. And we will hold on providing good product to our all clients.

    Guangzhou Hangtong printing, you best choice.