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    Book Raw Material Paper
    - Jul 17, 2017 -

    Book Raw material paper

    Today, to see some commodity shelf life time long, price higher issue. In fact not only the commodity has safety problem, for a manufacturer to buy the original auxiliary materials should also carry on strict quality and storage shelf life issue to carry out strict inspection and control. Next, meida printing is about the shelf life problem of the raw materials of printed paper.

    Generally on the mill qualified material package labeled card, will find that only indicate the time of the production, and does not indicate the guarantee period of time, but we in order to ensure that the use of raw materials paper can get a better effect, should pay attention to control the raw material of paper using the right time.

    In production, can be noticed that just came out from the paper mill production of paper for printing factory immediately put into production use, transfer will be prone to misregister, running deviation, deformation, curly, etc., reason is "born" temperature humidity is relatively sensitive to the environment, so the paper use pay special attention to. In order to prevent the quality deterioration of raw materials after warehousing, the raw materials should be prepared in the following aspects:

    1) the paper is generally stored in a fixed warehouse and should be avoided in the open air

    2) regardless of the roll paper or flat sheet, have space for viewing

    3) the paper warehouse should be kept dry to prevent sun exposure, otherwise the paper will be crisp and yellow with the heat of the paper and the evaporation of water.

    4) the paper of inventory must be taken out regularly, and many times the paper will appear wave, edge roll and moldy, etc., which will bring some obstacles and waste to normal use. In a suitable time, so be sure to use, to avoid the bad situation, so how do you do, should pay attention to control the use of good this paper shelf life, so do not know to have people know how long is the shelf life of the paper? I'm telling you today, it's not a problem to use it for a year or two.

    Magazine printing

    In modern society, magazine printing has become more and more popular with the company, which allows their employees to know the latest information. We have many years of experience in magazine printing, and have long been providing printing services for major publishers at home and abroad. We can make all kinds of magazines according to our customers' requirements.

    Magazine print

    Interior page black and white print, the cover color printing of the type magazine, the periodical or the inside page and the cover full color print the picture magazine, the periodical. We can provide monthly printing, bi-monthly printing services and quarterly printing services, and supplement and co-edition are also our regular products.Magazine printing paper generally has newsprint, glossy magazine paper, offset paper, light coated paper, paper coated paper, and coated paper, which reflects the quality of paper from low to high, while the price is also the same.

    Each paper has its own characteristics: the newsprint is uncoated, most of which are made of mechanical pulp, and the gram weight generally is from 38g to 48g; Press magazine paper is to press the newsprint, and it is not coated. Most of the paper is made of mechanical pulp, 42 grams or more, but this kind of paper is still relatively rare in China. The offset paper is not coated, most of the chemical slurry, 70g, domestic use is very common; Light coated paper (LWC) is a single-layer coating, most of which are based on mechanical pulp. There is also a kind of high white paper, which is modified on the basis of the original paper, so that it has better whiteness. The medium coated paper (MWC) is a double coating, most of which are made of mechanical pulp and the gram is over 70 grams. Are the most familiar of paper, coated paper is mostly chemical pulp manufacture paper with pulp, coating has single, double and three layers, and the paper coating and surface treatment, such as different paper factory has different technology, quality also is very different. Actually coated paper and coated paper in the overlapping part, double and multilayer coating coated paper, coated paper, in the quality is better than but in coated paper is better than single-layer coating of coated paper, this is because the mechanical pulp cover rate better than the chemical pulp. As for the three-ply coated paper, others call it real powder.