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    Book Text Content Features
    - Jun 21, 2017 -

    Book Text content features

    Feature editing

    In terms of literature, "Shangshu" is a sign that ancient Chinese prose has been formed. According to the "Zuo Zhuan" and other books, in the "Book" before the "three graves", "five Code", "eight cable", "nine hills", but these books are not passed down, "Han Art" Is no longer recorded. The Preface of Pre - Qin Dynasty 's Prose. The article in the book, the structure is becoming more complete, there is a certain level, has been noted in the intention of seeking articles with effort. Later, the Spring and Autumn Period of the prose of the rise, is its inheritance and development. After the Qin and Han dynasties, the various dynasties of the Patent, edict, the chapter of the text, are clearly affected by its impact. Liu Xie "Wen Xin Diao Long" in the discussion "edict", "Xi shift", "chapter", "play", "right", "secretary" and other styles, also trace to the "Shangshu". "Book" in some of the text has a certain literary style, with some modality. Such as "Pan Geng" 3, is the move to mobilize the mobs of the discipline, tone firm, decisive, showing the eyes of Pan Geng lofty. Which with "if the fire of the original Liao Yuyuan, not to the near" metaphor to incite the masses of the "floating words", with "if the boat, Ru Fuji, smelly Jay" metaphor group ministers sitting country decline, are more image. "No Yi" articles in the week to persuade the king: "woo almost! The gentleman of its no Yi, the prophets of the difficulties of farming is Yi Yi, then know the villain according to." "Qin oath" articles written Qin Mugong defeated after the review He did not accept the views of Jian Shu said: "The ancients have words saying: 'people are more than a multi-disc, who is no trouble, but only to be served as a flow, but hard!' My heart, the sun and the moon More than that, if the Buddha to! "Discourse showing a sincere and sincere attitude. In addition, "Yao Dian", "Gao Tao Mo" and other articles, but also with a mythological color, or the end of the end of poetry. Therefore, the "Shangshu" in the language, although the descendants that "Ji Ji Qu teeth" (Han Yu "into the solution"), the ancient mystery is difficult to read, and in fact the ancient essayists have made some reference.

    Past notes and research "Shangshu" works a lot, there Tang Kong Yingda's "Shangshi justice", Song Cai Shen's "book biography", Qing Sun Xingyan's "Shangshu this ancient note." Song two Zhejiang East Road tea salt division engraved "Shangshi justice" 20 volumes, the existing Beijing Library.

    Shangshu text content characteristics: "Shangshu" recorded by the basic oath, life, training, Patent class of words. The text of the ancient Olympic classics, the so-called "Zhou Wai Yin plate, cross-bend teeth", refers to this feature. But there are a few words more image, smooth.

    "Shangshu" mainly recorded Yu Xia Shang and Zhou generations of the emperor's words and deeds. It is the most compelling ideological tendency, is to explain the history of the rise and fall of life, that reality provides reference. This concept of fate has a rational core: First, King Tak, the second is the heavy people. But also marks the history of the prose of prose progress: first, some chapters pay attention to the tone of the characters tone; second, some chapters focus on the visualization of language and language expression of the charm; Third, some chapters focus on the specific description of the scene.