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    Book The Earliest Title
    - Jun 05, 2017 -

    "Shangshu", the earliest title of the "book", the author is unknown for the Zhou Dynasty literati, about a book in the first five century, the traditional "Shangshu" by the V-handed down.

    "Shangshu" as one of the Confucian classics, "Shang" that "on", "Shangshu" is the ancient book, it is the ancient Chinese literature and part of the ancient story of the compilation of the story.

    Since the beginning of the Han Dynasty, there are two different versions of the text, ancient text. "Han Yi Wen Zhi" said, "Shangshu" original 100, Confucius compilation and order for it. Qin Shihuang unified China, promulgated the "burning book order", the annihilation of the book to the "Shangshu" spread to bring devastating blows, the original "Shang" copy almost all burned. The Han Dynasty re-attached to Confucianism, written by Dr. Qin Fu Sheng, with the Han Dynasty pass written script written "Shangshu", a total of 28, people call this text "Shangshu". During the Western Han Dynasty, according to legend, King Lu Gong Wang in the demolition of a house when the wall, found another "Shangshu", is the first six countries when the font writing, people call the ancient "Shangshu". Ancient text "Shangshu" after Confucius descendants Kong Anguo finishing, the article than this article "Shangshu" more than 16 articles.

    In the war in the Western Jin Dynasty Yongjia, today, the ancient "Shangshu" all lost. In the early years of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Yu Meizai presented the court with a "Shangshu", including 33 articles (the poems of the Han Dynasty) from the original 28 articles, 25 ancient books Twenty-five articles from the Song Dynasty since the debate on the overall view of the Eastern Jin Dynasty pseudo.

    Qing Dynasty Sun Xingyan "Shangshu this ancient essays", extensively learn from the results of their predecessors, abandon the 25 forged, the subject re-determined to 29 volumes, probably restored the Han Dynasty "Shangshu" copy of the face. "Shangshu" recorded in the basic oath, life, training, Patent class of words. Although the text of the ancient ancient classics, but there are a few words more image, smooth.

    "Shangshu" is still common there are three ways to explain: a saying that "on" is "ancient" means, "Shangshu" is "ancient book"; another argument that "on" is "respect" There is also a saying that "Shang" is on behalf of "Jun (that is, the king)" means, because the contents of this book are mostly under the "Jun" speech on the record , So called "Shangshu".

    Liu Qi 釪 of the "history of Shangshu" that "Shangshu" as the title of the Han Dynasty thing.

    "Book of justice" that Zheng Xuan "According to" book "weft, to 'Shang' word is added by Confucius." Ma Wangdui silk easy "to" articles, Confucius is called "book" for "Shangshu". "" To "articles is Confucius called" Shangshu ", so" book "Wei and Zheng Xuan said that is not without this. This is before we do not know.