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    Brochure Printing Order
    - Aug 28, 2017 -

    brochure Printing order

    Determine the general principles of the printing book

    1, according to the contents and characteristics of the original book to determine the printing order. Usually in warm color-based brochures printed, such as figure painting first printed green, black, after the printed magenta, yellow; cool color-based brochures printed, such as snow, landscape painting, first printed red, After the printing green.

    2, to the text and black field-based brochures printed brochures, brochures printed color commonly used green, magenta, yellow, black. But can not be printed on the yellow field printing black text and graphics, because the yellow ink viscosity is small, black ink viscosity, easy to produce reverse overlay phenomenon, resulting in black ink printed or printed fake.

    3, brochure printing according to the size of the network coverage area to determine the printing book printing order. Under normal circumstances, the network covers a small area of the first printed, dotted area after the large print.

    4, according to the flat screen and the field of brochures printed color order. In order to obtain a good brochure print quality, it is necessary to avoid the problem of rubbing in the process of paper transfer, so that the field is flat and the ink is bright and bright.

    5, according to the type of column brochure printed color order. Monochrome and multi-color machine due to the different state of the overprint (the former is wet dry, the latter wet wet), brochure printing color arrangement is also different. Under normal circumstances, the monochrome machine and two-color machine brochure printed color order to bright and dark alternately appropriate, four-color brochure printing machine generally printed dark, after the bright color.

    6, according to the nature of the paper order. The smoothness, whiteness, fiber dispersion, surface strength and ink absorption of various paper are different. For paper with good ink absorption, it is printed with dark color and bright color. For paper with poor ink absorption, , After printing dark, because such as yellow ink such as bright ink can cover hair loss, powder and other paper defects. In the hot summer days, when the white paper printed monochrome, if the paper encountered uneven water content, wrinkles are not flat, the paper surface strength caused by poor paper and hair loss powder, etc., can be used to print a water Measures.

    7, according to the brightness of the three primary colors ink printed book order. The brightness of the ink is reflected in the spectrophotometric curve of the ink, the higher the reflectivity, the higher the brightness of the ink. The order of the three primary colors of ink is yellow> blue> magenta> black.