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    Brochure To Map The Main
    - Aug 13, 2017 -

    brochure To map the main

    Proofing is not a small number of books, if the customer to do a good job to ensure that their printed documents no problem, we are able to print the album, before the publication we will play digital samples for school and for Machine reference color, although the digital sample with the printed sample color will be a little difference, but this difference is also within a reasonable range of control. The most important thing is that customers can look at the machine before printing, you can let the captain on the machine to the desired color. So the album is generally not proofing. Printing countless, and some customers may say why other printing factories can help proofing it? For other home printing factory proofing, the personal feel is certainly not on the machine, is certainly going to fast printing shop to play digital like, but only bound into a book only. This is also printed with the color after the difference, so for the album proofing or not, is not particularly important. Packaging printing company so much, not just fight the era of service, more important is to fight the quality of the times, gold is always glowing.

    Color album printing is mainly in the picture to the main aspects of the use of the drawings through the printing show. The main industry development trend is to deepen the reform and speed up the integration of resources, promote the integration of high-tech and publishing industry, innovation and improve the press and publication of public cultural service system. In the current market is also a regular can see a variety of different printing color printing, packaging printing, album printing which is fully explained in the use of the user can better meet the needs of a very good use Strength.

    Color album printing notes, the first is the album above the content do not refuse to cut the edge too close, it will be easy to cut the hand. The second is in the printing time must be in accordance with the needs of users to carry out the relevant design, the color of the picture must be used with the picture with each other, the only way to better design a perfect album. In the printing of the background when the album print shading or basemap color not less than 10%, to avoid the printing of finished products can not be presented, these details above the attention is to better show the charm of the album.

    Prepress operation refers to the printing process of the early work, including typesetting imposition, color scanning and other work. The main purpose of its work lies in the computer in the prepress operation used in the software mastery, familiar with the printing process of basic workflow, good graphics image processing capabilities.

    At present in the country for pre-press operations, there is a very serious problem: prepress operators are basically not print professionals; printing institutions out of the students basically do not understand the pre-press work. This creates a contradiction: how to deal with the combination of desktop system operation and printing expertise.

    For designers who want to be transferred from the computer graphic design industry to prepress operations, the primary task is to take control of print expertise after working with prepress, otherwise it is likely that they will not be able to work.