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    Calendar The Role Of The Calendar
    - Jul 04, 2017 -

    Calendar The role of the calendar

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    Calendar and schedule tasks are closely linked, inseparable. Schedule is generally the most convenient way to show the calendar, clear the daily schedule and task theme.

    Through the software to combine the two very good, good League personal information management, for example, the task of the program into the integration of the current leading GTD time management philosophy in the software design, from simple to thin from high to low tasks and schedules , And the information generated by each task can be reminded and recorded processing content; people usually because of busy work worried about a business event or appointment is forgotten, then you can create a schedule or task, set the reminder cycle and time , The software will automatically remind you of the time; support regularly open multiple pages or send mail, regularly open multiple programs or files and set the timer shutdown; support the schedule and tasks of the various cycles, time, cycle, the next day to remind Support work to be done on my desktop display, supported to-do task policy types (work plan, preparation, business activities, leadership delegation); support manual completion / cancellation of tasks, but also support processing progress to 100 % Of the task automatically finished. Is the whole process and the time of the close together.

    Putting the date as a resource, then making the calendar is a date-based ability demand plan. A manufacturing calendar is a calendar that clearly indicates the date of work, the rest date, and sometimes the work calendar.

    The role of making the calendar

    The basis of the calculation of the attendance calculation, in the MPS, MRP based on the lead time to calculate the master production plan, the job plan to determine the start date, the date of completion of the basis; calculate the work center capacity load date basis; There are two types of manufacturing calendars, namely, a single manufacturing calendar and a complex manufacturing calendar.

    For an enterprise, both the production department and the management department, whether it is the work center for performing the surface treatment job or the work center that completes the product assembly work, use the same manufacturing calendar, and the manufacturing calendar of the enterprise is called a single Create a calendar. In an enterprise, due to environmental conditions such as energy consumption, management needs, such as equipment maintenance, different departments, different work centers may use different production dates and rest dates, thus having different manufacturing calendars. The manufacturing calendar of such an enterprise is called a complex manufacturing calendar.

    For organizations that use sophisticated manufacturing calendars, manufacturing histories at different levels of organization have different priorities. The organization with the lowest level of organization has the highest priority manufacturing calendar, and the organization with the highest organizational level has the lowest priority manufacturing calendar. That is, if a manufacturing calendar is defined on a work center, the work center uses its own manufacturing calendar. If a work center does not define its own manufacturing calendar, then use the manufacturing sector calendar. If the department does not make a calendar, then the work center uses the enterprise manufacturing calendar.

    Some people suggested that the manufacturing calendar in accordance with the serial number, in order to facilitate the calculation of the lead, this proposal is wrong. First of all, for the computer, regardless of the date, or according to the number, calculate the complexity of the lead time is almost no difference; Secondly, if the number, then the management of the calendar number of resources is a man-made extra work.