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    Digital Printing And Offset Printing
    - Mar 16, 2017 -

    In printing industry, digital printing and offset printing are two popular printing method.

    Small quantity is suitable for digital printing, because price is favorable.

    Big quantity is suitable for offset printing, because price is favorable.

    For now, Germany Heidelberg CP2000 is most advanced printer in the world.

    Different weight paper has different price.

    If you want to print magazine, catalogue, or other coloring book, glossy paper is the best choice. Because glossy paper can show the color feature.

    If you want to print novel or your book most is black and white, offset paper is best choice

    Or you want to print school book, offset paper is also best choice. Because students can write on the book.

    Here is the paper weight:

    Glossy paper: 80gsm, 105gsm, 128gsm, 157gsm, this weight paper is usually used for inner page.

    Glossy paper: 200gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gms, this weight paper is usually used for cover.

    Offset paper: 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm, 140gsm, 160gsm

    If you want to print books, magazine, catalogue, novels or other type books, you just tell us.

    We could give you some suggestion to meet your requirement.

    Professional staffs can provide professional service for you.


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