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    Hardcover Book The Process Is Divided
    - Aug 28, 2017 -

    Hardcover Book The process is divided

    A process of making a hardcover with stand-alone and hand-made. The process is divided into three lines, namely book core, book seal and set.

    Book core processing process: semi-finished printing press start → hit page → open material → sticky, cover → sticky ring lining → with the page → lock line → semi-finished product inspection → flattening → accumulation flat → cut book → bundle book → coated adhesive ~ → Drying Part → Cut Book → Coating Adhesive → Grinding Round → Ridge → Glue Adhesive → Moisture → Sticky Label Ribbon → Stick Plug Cloth → Adhesive Adhesive → Sticky Book Back → Sticky Book Back → Glue Adhesive → Sticky Cheese paper.

    Book seal processing process: calculate the size of the book package size → open material → coated with adhesive → shell → package shell angle → flat → natural drying → hot stamping.

    Set processing process: Tu seam in the adhesive → casing → pressure tank → sweep → pressure flattening → natural drying → finished product inspection → package cover → packaging label identification.

    On the appreciation of hardcover book should pay attention to several aspects

    Printing, appearance, text, feel

    1. print

    ① version, especially foreign companies with a printed version of a number of books, no mixed version, pay attention to illustrations, signs and so on.

    ② positive and negative printing without error posts, positive and negative printing alignment, overprint accurate, error ≤ 0.2mm.

    ③ printing hue completely in line with the guests to provide color samples? Using the German-made R410 hue density meter, the main picture color within ± 3% range.

    ④ positive and negative printing map, folder and folder color.

    ⑤ text, clear pattern, strong sense of gloss level.

    ⑥ full of outlets, 5% fine network is not lost, a large point is not clear, network points increase ≤ 10%.

    ⑦ no ink bar, water bar, ink skin, broken words, paste version and so on.

    ⑧ no rub dirty, focus, ghosting, off version, flying water, scratched, flying ink, deinking and so on.

    ⑨ no extra angle film marks, layout clean and no stains, no powder trace and so on.

    2. Exterior

    No fouling, no stains, no flowers, no wrinkles, paste flat, no blistering, no damage, ridge word points, plug cloth length and thickness of the same size is not skewed, rounded arc from the general situation is greater than the book Thick 5 ~ 6mm, the curvature of the spine and commuter arc commensurate.