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    Heidelberg CP2000 Printing And Komori Printing Machine Machine Difference
    - Mar 02, 2017 -

    So far, two printing machine are most popular in printing industry.

    One is Japan Komori Printing machine, the other one is Germany Heidelberg CP2000 printing machine. And Heidelberg printer is the most advanced machine in the world.

    Germany machine is very famous in the world. Everyone also knows this.

     Heidelberg cost is twice time as Komori Printer.

    Heidelberg printing machine can print school books, company catalogue, magazine, novel etc.

    Komori printer also can print.

     Here, maybe someone has some doubts, two printers can do the printing job, why I should choose Heidelberg.

     So I could explain here:

    E.g.  Fashion magazine

     Most people know Victoria's Secret, models wear the expensive the underwear, this company must print magazines to distribute.

    If use Komori Printer, when the magazines printing out, you see the image, you will feel the image is normal, like the normal books.

     But use Heidelberg Printer, when the magazine output, you compare, then you will found the color is vivid, sharp, can catch people’s eyes, it could give you high-end feeling.

     Finally, everyone want to buy the high-end products. That is difference.

     To print books, catalogue, magazine etc. Only has one purpose----- advertisement.

     Advertisement means want to let people know who you are or what product you do.

     What is successful advertisement?----- It could attract people’ s eyes.

     If you want your books, magazine, catalogue look professional, please use Heidelberg Print Press.

     Professional Printer can print out high-end books and make the books attract people’s eyes.


     Print books, please find professional Printer----- Heidelberg CP2000.

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