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    - Jul 12, 2017 -

    1.concentration: Concentration of ink in the printing of ink use less, ink is better; Concentration of ink in the printing of ink use more, ink light.                                                                

    2.Fineness: The size of the ink particles, the ink fineness is high, the ink concentration is large, the print dot are clear, full and powerful; the ink fineness is low, the print dot are easy destroy, the printing plate has low printing rate.

    3.Viscosity: Big viscosity, easy to cause uneven ink, dotted destroyed and scratch plate and other phenomena; Small viscosity , easy to cause ink emulsification and layout floating dirty phenomenon.

    4.Fluidity: Big fluidity, will make the level of illustrations unknown, ink is not full; small fluidity cause ink spread not smooth, uneven, also easy to make the same printing surface has this phenomenon: some parts is lighter, some parts is heavier.

    5.Light resistance: Good light resistance of the ink, printed products, colorful, graphic printing dot richful, strong, rich three-dimensional, and can be long-term preservation; Poor light resistance of the ink, printed product color is easy to become lighter, darker.

    6. Water resistance acid resistance alkali resistance: For the offset printing ink, to pay special attention to its water resistance, acid, alkali, water and acid, alkali-resistant ink, printed products bright color, structured, print dot clear; water, acid, alkali, poor ink, Printed products gray and weak, the level is unknown, the printing dot is not clean.