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    Magazine Fixed Title
    - Jun 05, 2017 -

    Magazine (Magazine), a fixed title, with a period, volume, number or year, month order, regular or irregular publication of printed books. It is based on a certain editorial policy, the author's works will be published into a book published, regularly published, also known as journals. The magazine was formed from a pamphlet in a strike, strike, or war. This kind of manual, which is similar to the emphasis on newspaper prescriptions, takes into account the more detailed comments, and a new medium is created for such special reasons. The earliest publication of a magazine was published in January 1665 in Amsterdam by the French Salo published "scholar magazine". China's earliest Chinese medicine magazine - "Wu Medical Meeting", founded in the Qing Emperor Qianlong fifty-seven years (AD 1792), published in the Qing Jiaqing six years (AD 1801), before and after 10 years, a total of 11 volumes Volume is a book, is similar to the nature of Chinese medicine magazine. It is the manuscript at the time of Jiangnan area of the doctor's clothing, named "Wu Medical Meeting." Any magazine is published with its own "ISSN" (International Standard Serial Number).

    The magazines form a brochure in strikes, strikes, or wars, a book that focuses on the timeliness of newspapers, taking into account more detailed comments. So a new media with such a special reason to produce.

    One of the earliest published magazines was the Le Journal des Savants, published in January 1665 in Amsterdam by the French company, Denys de Sallo.

    In 1703, London published the first periodicals between newspapers and magazines, publisher Danny Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe. The publication is titled "Review", which is four pages long and is published for nine years.

    The first issue of the magazine in the United States is Franklin's "American Magazine" and "General Magazine", which are mimicking the monthly magazine of the British magazine, published in January 1741. [1] 

    development path

    China's earliest magazines for the German Sinologist Guo real wax in July 1833 founded in Guangzhou, "Eastern test monthly biography." Release time for more than 5 years, the layout of the traditional Chinese book style, the use of the Qing Dynasty emperor chronological year.

    At first, magazines and newspapers were in the form of almost easy to confuse. Later, the newspaper gradually tend to publish the time of the news, magazines are special novels, travel and entertainment articles, the difference in the content is more and more obvious, in the form of newspaper layout is growing, for three to five feet , Fold, and the magazine is bound by, plus cover, became the form of the book. Since then, magazines and newspapers have been specifically separated in people's minds.