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    Magazine Journal Of The History
    - Jul 17, 2017 -

    Magazine Journal of the history

    As a part of the whole of China modern publishing history of Chinese journals, the evolution of it, has experienced from simple to complex, from coarse to fine, from incomplete to complete style. One, the initial (1815 - e) before the reform leading journals by western missionaries founded by a group of Chinese periodical and give priority to with the overseas Chinese as the main readers of foreign periodicals, dominant religious journals, and commercial journals and other professional journals, etc. Generally speaking, there are not many kinds of doors, the limit of quantity, which can be regarded as the ignorance of Chinese periodical history. Many of these journals were created for the opening of ancient Chinese doors to colonizers such as western opium merchants and missionaries. On August 5, 1815, the British missionary Morrison (1782-1834), and even the common editor of "the biography of common customs Monthly statistics (Chinese or Magazine) in malacca, academic circles generally believe that this is in China since modern times, man-made object of the first Chinese periodical, opened the prelude to the history of Chinese journals.

    "Observe the secular" in the monthly book of the common month is probably the translation of Chinese, "monthly" is the monthly magazine, and "the word" is the meaning of the magazine. Imitation of the issue of Chinese book thread-bound book, in the form of wood carving, each five to seven pages, about two thousand words, ChuYin 500 copies, 1000 copies after, send out in the nanyang Chinese for free, died in 1812, a total of more than 80 period. Before the opium war in 1840, six Chinese newspapers and ten foreign newspapers and periodicals were founded by foreign missionaries in the south China coastal area of nanyang. From the editorial policy to the content and form of the journal, it imitates the monthly records of customs. He edited the monthly biography of the book of choice (1823-1826), and edited the monthly biography of the east and west (1833-1837) by Mr. McDuth and guo shili. The latter is the first modern Chinese journal to be published in China. These journals "interpret Christian doctrine as the only urgent matter", and the main content is to promote Christian morality. The foreign press has been able to break up China's anti-smoking policy, spy on the military, and expose the true face of the young man. The monthly magazine of China, which is edited by the foreign language press, is the first English publication that the American has established in China. After the opium war, along with a series of unequal treaties signed, a large number of foreign missionaries poured into China, the newspaper activities also from the south China coast to the central China, east China, north China, Shanghai became the center of modern newspapers and publishing industry. By 1860, foreign churches and missionaries had published 32 newspapers in China. Development in 1890 to 76, to the end of the 19th century, foreigners in China foreign language newspapers founded nearly 200 home, accounting for more than eighty percent of the total number of newspapers in China at that time, almost monopolized the newspaper publishing industry at that time. Among them, the publication period of the wanguo gazette, which was edited by Lin lezhi, was the longest, the most extensive and the most influential. "The new report of the Chinese church" was first published in Shanghai on September 8, 1868, and later became the publication of the institute of foreign publications in China, which was closed in 1907. Political affairs, teaching, chores, and other columns, advocating the reform of self-improvement, have generated a direct encouragement to the movement of pen-shu. The first religious month after the opium war, the book of the people, which was edited by Mr. McDuth, jeer, and James, was the first religious month of the opium war. By Xu Shou and American scholars Fu Yalan founded in Shanghai in China "due academy" published "due assembly (1876-1901), is the earliest comprehensive science and technology journals in our country, the content such as monograph, new technology, nature science news columns.