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    Magazine Selective Strong
    - Jul 04, 2017 -

    Magazine Selective strong

    Magazine as the advertising information dissemination of the media, it is a specific target (target market) as the goal, to see the characteristics of long, magazine advertising: a strong selection, the magazine has a special readers, easier to achieve the ideal propaganda object; Reading period is long, the magazine has a long preservation of reading period, the number of readers to contact more, deepen the effect of advertising communication; Third, the magazine advertising beautifully printed, distinctive features, vivid, attractive, the reader has a strong vision Impact; four, the theme is clear, prominent eye-catching, less interference, a page content to occupy a layout, not affected by other content, is conducive to the reader's attention.

    First, the advantages of a. One of the main qualities of making the media for advertising is their ability to choose, or the ability to reach specific target audiences. Magazine is in addition to direct mail outside the most selective media. Most magazines are printed for a particular interest group. Thousands of magazines printed in the United States have touched on various types of consumers and businesses, allowing advertisers to reliably hit their market segments. In addition to interest-based selection, magazines can provide population and geography for advertisers. Demographic selection, or ability to contact a group with characteristics. 2. One of the most valuable attributes of print quality magazine advertising is the print quality of advertising. Magazines are usually printed on high-quality paper, the printing process visitors to provide high-quality black and white or color effects. This is especially important because magazines are the main part of the visual media and the product description shows advertising. Most magazines can provide print quality much higher than newspapers, especially in many product categories need to use color, and more than 2/3 of the magazine are color. 3. Creative Flexibility In addition to excellent print quality, the magazine also offers the flexibility to choose the form, size and location of the advertising material. Some magazines offer special programs to enhance the creative appeal of advertising, improve reading rate and attention. This is also advertisers can use magazines for advertising to provide a broader space. This is also usually located in the middle of a large consumer magazine. The use of advertisers to the reader left a strong impression, especially in the promotion of new products or brands of special period. Bleeding also allows those who have been extended to the game of advertising, advertising around no blank boundaries. This kind of advertising gives the impression that it is bigger and more dramatic. In addition to folding and bleeding, magazines to choose from the dressing program there are unusual professional size live shape. Some ads also use a variety of inserts, including feedback cards, how to get even product samples and so on. Cosmetics companies use fragrant tea to promote new fragrances, other companies have repeatedly to promote the washing agent, air fresheners and other fragrant heavy products. Tea is a consumer to reflect the characteristics of the product intuitively, so it can be used as part of the sales promotion strategy. Fragrance advertising, three-dimensional advertising, advertising and other can break through the limitations of magazine advertising to attract readers attention.