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    Paper Box Including Two Main Ones
    - Aug 13, 2017 -

    Paper Box Including two main ones

    Packaging printing includes two main directions, one is close to the cultural printing of the trademark printing, the use of 70 ~ 85 g / m2 single-sided coated paper printing, but also the use of self-adhesive label paper printing, the thickness is to 150 ~ 200 g / m2 Left and right, including the thickness of the release paper together, the sheet is not very difficult to print, the only more difficult is the side of the rules, in the self-adhesive label paper with a laminated adhesive spill, will be attached to On the file, the production is not correct. As the latter part of the cutting and die-cutting trademark appearance of the development of the hydraulic system is very smooth, so large quantities of trademark paper printing will continue, in the relief, flexo and lithography large-size sheet-fed printing parallel.

    As the packaging and printing industry investment is relatively small, to absorb the labor force is relatively strong, less damage to the environment, so favored by many local governments, policy incentives and support to promote the development of the industry.

    But from the layout point of view, packaging and printing enterprises are relatively scattered, is not conducive to the daily supervision of the printing industry. From the scale of enterprises, coastal and other developed areas of large-scale packaging and printing enterprises, and inland areas such as packaging and printing enterprises in the scale is relatively small. From the business structure point of view, only a small number of enterprises adequate supply, and most enterprises supply tension. It is because of the small size of the packaging and printing enterprises on the high side, there are low-grade, redundant construction and other phenomena, many companies do not have their own characteristics, high-tech packaging and printing enterprises in the use of the proportion is still very low

    Labor efficiency is low

        Packaging printing has increased value-added products, improve product quality, enhance consumption and other functions and functions. But compared with developed countries, China's packaging and printing industry's output value is still very low. There are numbers as evidence: At present, China's printing industry output value accounted for only about 4% of the world's printing industry output value, while accounting for only 2.5% of the country. And China's packaging and printing industry labor efficiency is low, even less than one-tenth of the developed countries.

       It is true that labor efficiency is determined by a variety of factors, on the one hand depends on the enterprise technological innovation and transformation, on the other hand depends on the overall quality of practitioners to improve. However, the reality of China's packaging and printing industry, you need to go through a more long process.

    Regional development is uneven

        Packaging and printing industry development and regional economic development are inseparable, which is determined by the characteristics of the industry. It is noteworthy that the regional development of the national economy is uneven, but also a direct result of China's packaging and printing enterprises uneven distribution. Such as China's eastern coastal areas, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta region's rapid economic development, packaging and printing industry was prosperous trend, while the western inland areas of economic development is relatively backward, the packaging and printing industry is relatively low.