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    Paper Price Keep Rising?
    - Mar 14, 2017 -

    From Dec. 2016, By the impact of paper price crazy rising, some of the supplier in Europe and US also raised pulp prices about 5% to 10%. However, this increase is largely made supplement for the second and third quarters of 2016


    Recently, there was forest fire in pulp supplier Chile. The paper industry and traders took the opportunity to adjust paper price. But actually, although the area of disaster for Arauco and CMPC up to 100,000 hectares, but did not affect pulp production. There’s no shortage of supply in shortly.

    Due to paper factory stop and slack season, price are expected to stabilize and then fall off. Transportation costs will fall 30%. 2016 the transport costs rise is also one of the main reasons for pushing up paper prices. But in 2017, this situation is likely to be changeover.