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    The Difference Between Glossy Art Paper And Matt Art Paper
    - Apr 12, 2017 -

    Glossy art paper also known as coated paper, can devided into C1S and C2S paper. This paper is coated with a layer of white pulp on original paper, made by calendaring. The surface of paper is smooth, high whiteness, paper fiber distribution evenly, thick consistent, small scalability, better flexibility and strong resistance of water and tension. The absorption of ink is very good. Glossy art paper mainly use for printing catalogues, covers, postcards, hangtags etc.

     Matt art paper the official name is matte coated paper. Ovserved in sunlight, not as smooth as glossy art paper. Using for printing, the color not as bright as glossy art paper, but the pattern is more delicate and more upscale than glossy art paper. Gererally, in the same weight of glossy art paper and matt art paper, the matt one paper little thinner and whiter than glossy. Usually use for full color magazines, catalogues printing.