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    To Quote Of A Few Main Factors
    - Apr 05, 2017 -

    When we talking with the clients , we need to a few main factors about the books they need , so that we can price them the accurate price.

     Firstly(about the size)

    1.We need to know the book size.


    Secondly( about the cover)

    1. We need to know is the inside of the front cover and inside of the back cover need print or not.

    2. We need to know how thickness of the paper they need

    3. Is that the cover need lamination or not? If yes, need glossy lamination or matte lamination?

    4. Is that the cover need process or not ? Need spot UV, foil fold , debossed ,emboss , or others


    Thirdly( about the inner)

    1. We need to know the pages of the inner

    2. Use what kinds of paper , the thickness of paper , is that full color or not


    Fourthly ( about the binding)

    1. We need to use what binding, perfect binding, saddle stitch or others.


    Fifth( about the quantity)

    1. We need to know the quantity clients need.

     If we got this five factors, we can give the accurate price to our clients.